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Curious Questions and Answers

Aimed at children aged 5+, these books are part of a series of almost 20 titles. Each spread is bright and colourful and accompanied by fun questions and answers.

The creative process is all-important. I work closely with the designer to come up with ideas and scamps. This stage can take a while, but it's essential to get it right before artwork commissioning. 

Once the design is ready, I provide the artist with a brief, designed layouts, and reference to follow. I check pencils, return comments and provide full feedback on colour artwork.

I work with the author and consultant to ensure the text is clear and simple, with lots of fun elements. This makes complex subjects accessible to even the most reluctant readers. 

Curious Q and A: My Body

Words by Anne Rooney ⭐️ Illustrations by Ana Gomez

Curious Q and A: Dinosaurs

Words by Camilla de la Bedoyere ⭐️ Illustrations by Leire Martín

Curious Q and A: Our Planet

Words by Camilla de la Bedoyere ⭐️ Illustrations by Daniel Rieley

Curious Q and A: Weather

Words by Philip Steele ⭐️ Illustrations by Mike Moran